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Illustrious Three Stone Engagement RingHBR3ILL02158WC-C


The Illustrious Three Stone Engagement Ring captivates audiences with three gorgeous Hearts on Fire Diamonds that create a bold display of love. This timeless ring boasts a large center diamond with two smaller diamonds set on both sides, all enhanced by an intricate layer of diamonds in the settings of the three diamonds.

Illustrious Dream Engagment Ring-Diamond Intensive BandHBRILDD01558RC-C


A vintage, square shaped Dream diamond takes center stage in the Illustrious Dream Engagement Ring with a diamond intensive band. From the front, this ring will take your breath away, but then turn it to the side for even more dazzle found on the sides of bands and diamond studded gallery.

Liliana Halo Engagement Ring - Dia BandHBRDLILHA0155PLC-N


The Liliana Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Band is a truly stunning style. A halo of diamonds creates bold brilliance, and the diamond band adds the perfect amount of extra sparkle.

Liliana Halo Engagement RingHBRLILHAL0145PLC-N


This beautiful, round center diamond is elegantly surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating a timeless style. With its vintage appeal and unique sparkle, this engagement ring is perfect for any woman.

Liliana Milgrain Engagement Ring - Dia BandHBRDLILMG0135PLC-N


This simple, yet elegant engagement ring is perfect for any woman looking for classic sparkle. With a Milgrain design for subtle style, plus a brilliant diamond band, this timeless ring will steal her heart forever.

Isabelle Teardrop Milgrain Engagement RingHBRISATRM0120PLC-N


The Isabelle Teardrop Milgrain Engagment Ring is a showstopping style. The Teardrop center illusion is seamlessly created from a cluster of round diamonds - giving this ring the ultimate brilliance

Isabelle Milgrain Engagement RingHBRISABML0135PLC-N


The Isabelle Milgrain Engagement ring is the definition timeless and classic style. This ring is perfect for the woman who truly wants her center diamond to shine.

Camilla Split Shank Engagement RingHBRCAMSS0120PLC-65-N


This beautiful engagement ring features an stylish split shank band leading up to a brilliant, round center diamond. A ring dazzling with elegance and modern appeal, this design is perfect for the trendsetting woman.

Camilla Pave Knife Edge Engagement RingHBRCAMPK0120PLC-N


The unique knife edge band style on this engagement ring adds an extra burst of elegance. With pave diamonds and a center, round cut diamond, this is a modern, yet classic style she is sure to love.

Liliana Milgrain DRM Engagement Ring - Dia BandHBRDLIDRM0137PLC-N


The diamond band on this Liliana Milgrain engagement ring cradles a square shaped center diamond, adding immediate elegance to your look. The addition of a diamond band creates even more brilliance that is sure to turn heads.

Camilla HOF Engagement Ring - Dia BandHBRCAMH0120PLC-N


The Camilla HOF engagement ring is definitely a ring that stands out from from the rest. The uniquely HOF round center diamond will automatically cause attention to your ring finger.

Camilla DRM Engagement Ring - Dia BandHBRCAMDR0122PLC-N


The Camilla Dream Engagement ring features a bold square shaped center diamond set on a dazzling diamond band. This vintage style is perfect for the classic woman who still wants to stand out.