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Liliana Milgrain Diamond BandHBALILIAN00198W-C


The perfect complement to the Liliana engagement rings, this diamond wedding band is a classic and beautiful style. The milgrain texture of the band flawlessly highlights the s brilliance of the diamonds, creating a bold statement that will last forever.

Intertwining Diamond BandHBAINTD00188R-C


The Intertwining diamond band is the perfect match for either of the Intertwining Engagement Rings. The grooved edges will fit beautifully alongside the unique bands to create an even more stunning look.

Lorelei Bloom Diamond BandHBALBL00238R-C


The Lorelei Bloom Diamond Band is a perfect complement to any of the Lorelei Bloom engagement rings. With its elegant, classic style, this wedding band also pairs beautifully with many Hearts On Fire engagement rings, or works well worn alone.

Optima Diamond BandHBAOPD00138W-C


This bestseller features dazzling Hearts On Fire diamonds in a channel setting, making it a great match for a number of Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings. It can also be worn alone or with other diamond rings to add an extra touch of sparkle to any look.

Optima Metal BandHBAOPM00008W


The sleek and simple design of this wedding band makes it extremely versatile. It compliments any of the Optima Engagement rings and can also be worn alone or stacked for a classic look.

Lorelei Pointed Diamond BandHBALOPD00208W-C


The Lorelei Pointed Diamond Band will add even more sparkle to the Lorelei Triple Row Engagement Rings for a show-stopping look. The unique curve makes it the perfect match to create a wedding set that will transcend time.



This band pairs well with most Diamond Engagement Rings and features a hidden Hearts On Fire diamond on the inside of the band.

Ladies Half-Round Comfort Fit BandHBAHRBAND8W-2


Simplicity at its finest, this band pairs well with most Diamond Engagement Rings and features a hidden Hearts On Fire diamond on the inside of the wedding band.

Enticement Wedding BandHBAETD0228W-C


This sparkling diamond wedding band is the perfect match for either of our Enticement Engagement Rings, but also a beautiful complement to a variety of additional Hearts On Fire diamond engagement rings.

Camilla Band to match Split ShankHBACAMSS00098W-65-C


This Camilla Band is a beautiful match to the Camilla Split Shank engagement ring, with a subtle design that seamlessly integrates the two rings for bold brilliance.

Camilla Diamond BandHBACAMIL00208W-C


The Camilla Diamond band is a simple, yet chic wedding band that pairs perfectly with the Camilla engagement ring styles.

Isabelle Milgrain Diamond BandHBAISABML00428R-C


The Isabelle Milgrain Diamond band works perfectly with the Isabelle Milgrain engagement ring, providing a perfectly chic ring just for you.