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Camilla Band to match Split ShankHBACAMSS0009PL-65-N


This Camilla Band is a beautiful match to the Camilla Split Shank engagement ring, with a subtle design that seamlessly integrates the two rings for bold brilliance.

Transcend Wedding BandHBATCDR00308R-N


An elegant single row of Hearts On Fire diamonds is the perfect wedding band to pair with our Transcend Engagement Rings.  This delicate wedding ring can be worn on its own or as a super stackable ring.

Purely Bridal Four Prong "V" GalleryHBRPBS00258WA-C


This simple, yet stunning four-prong diamond solitaire engagement ring makes a bold statement to catch all eyes.

HOF Two Diamond Ring - Diamond BandHBRF2DH01208W-C


A classic twist on the signature engagement ring but with an upgrade. The Two Diamond Ring has two diamond halos surrounded by an encrusted band that gives you that extra sparkle.

Atlantico Wave Diamond BandHBADATLW00558R


The Atlantico Wave Diamond Band is a true beauty worn alone or stacked among your favorites. A procession of perfectly cut diamonds form the illusion of a wave, creating an elegant design that’s the perfect complement to any diamond engagement ring.

Transcend Premier Diamond BandHBATCP00358W-C


This delicate wedding band is adorned with perfectly cut diamonds in an elegant and classic style. A perfect match to any of our Transcend Premier Engagement Rings, as well as a beautiful complement to many of our other engagement ring styles.

Adoration Diamond BandHBAADOR00158W-C


This simple, yet elegant diamond wedding band is the perfect complement to the Adoration Double Row Engagement Ring and many other Hearts on Fire Engagement Rings. It is also ideal for stacking with other Hearts On Fire diamond bands to create a stylish, but classic look.

Brielle Curved Diamond BandHBABRLC00118RAB-C


The Brielle Curved Diamond Band creatively fits with the Brielle Engagement Ring in a way that is both elegant and chic. The curved design creates a unique look that couples flawlessly with the ring it connects too, like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into place.

Brielle Curved Split Shank Band matchesHBABRICS00108RAA-C


The Brielle Curved Split Shank Band is the perfect complement to our Brielle Split Shank Engagement Ring. The curved shape covered in Hearts On Fire diamonds creates a seamless and smooth parallel to the brillance of the engagement ring.

Cali Chic Diamond Accent BandHBACALCD00258R-C


Small groups of diamonds gather for bold sparkle in this unique diamond band. A perfect complement to the Cali Chic Diamond Engagement Ring styles, the Cali Chic Diamond accent Band can also be worn alone or stacked with your other favorite bands.

Cali Chic Diamond BandHBACALC00208W-C


A classic diamond band with a subtle twist, the Cali Chic Diamond Band dazzles with perfectly cut diamonds. This beautiful band is a perfect complement to the Cali Chic Diamond Engagement Ring styles.

Cali Chic Rope Diamond BandHBACALCR00288R-C


A traditional diamond band with dainty feminine appeal, the Cali Chic Rope Diamond Band is truly perfect for any occasion. A beautiful complement to other Hearts On Fire diamond engagement rings, yet still perfect to wear alone, this ring has a classic design with timeless sparkle.