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Andy Elyakim

April 30, 2018

Beautiful website and fantastic location. Came in to buy a nice necklace for Mother’s Day and the staff was very helpful and did not disappoint. Not gonna let my mom know how much it cost, but only that it came from Montica’s

Kyle Craig

June 9, 2017

I received a nice Movado Circa Watch from my sister and aunt as a birthday gift from your jewelry store. I have been flashing it to all my friends. I'm grateful. Thank you very much!

Cavakia Therlonge

June 1, 2017

Thanks so much for all the work you put into our rings – we LOVE them!! We appreciate your great customer service and we are Montica Jewelry customers for life now!!

Alexa Bronfman

June 8, 2017

Glad I took the advice from my Facebook friend and visited your store two years ago because the staff treated me just like royalty. Not the pushy sales people I've experienced at previous establishments.

Ronald Jakubisin

January 29, 2016

Very personable and knowledgable. A good value too! It's nice to do business with a locally owned store that is customer oriented. We'll be back.

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Monique G.


Haven't been to Montica? You should! Marichi and her team provide excellent service and are very personable. We've been going there for years. They set my...READ MORE

Elle A.


My jeweler in Indiana, where my engagement ring is from, recommended this place. I had to have my prongs tightened and they did a great job and I had my...READ MORE

D S.


My to go jewelry boutique. All my beautiful pieces are from there. Love the fact they carry a beautiful assortment of pieces for everyone's budget. The...READ MORE